Refreshed and Ready!

I just came back from a weekend vacation and I am PUMPED to get back to dancing. I wanted to take a few days off from everything that included life (which therefore included dance) in order to de-stress and be refreshed for this next part of the year. I didn’t worry about eating healthy, stretching, strengthening exercises, or practicing anything at all. Instead I just focussed on having a wonderful break.  It was honestly one of the best weekends I have EVER had in Australia. Regardless, I found myself thinking about dance in one capacity or another the entire weekend and couldn’t wait to get back into the swing of things.

I haven’t posted this on my blog yet, but I entered into the biggest dance competition in Australia!! It’s called Showcase and regionals takes place at the end of September. I’ve entered two solos in two different styles of dance. The reason I did this was to keep myself on track and motivated and have something to work towards this year. It will also give me some performance experience under pressure, something I need a lot of practice in! This term will serve as preparation towards the competition and I will continue to work on certain goals that I want to achieve prior to the competition.

Some of those goals are:

1) Increased flexibility in my splits, hips, and back.

2) Paying more attention to details (like pointing my toes)

3) Consistent triple and quadruple turns

4) Consistent fouette (spelling?) turns in a series

5) Aerial on a non-gymnastics floor

My dance classes are also changing a little this term. I’m still finalizing them and such, but it will be great to have a schedule that is more consistent than last term. The classes I will be taking are contemporary, jazz, lyrical, ballet, Pilates and possibly JFH and neo-classical if I decide I want to do it. I’ve also been having trouble finding private lessons, but hopefully that will start ASAP this term. Additionally, I have a stretch program I will be doing 3x a week.

It’s been really great working towards my dream and I am really looking forward to seeing how much I grow as a dancer during the next term! Keep reading my blog for more updates on my progress this term!


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