I’m Moving Back Home to NY!

I have stopped going to many of my dance classes because I’ve started getting burned out. It has been hard to stay motivated with the stresses at work and stresses at home always on my mind. To make sure I am still staying productive towards my dream, I’ve instead put extra emphasis on my flexibility work, overall fitness level, and still have been taking my private lesson.  I’ve been focussing on basic things, such as turnout, toe pointing, and hip alignment. The extra flexibility work has been paying off as I see a difference in my dancing.

Because I want to be home with my family I have decided to move back to NY. In terms of dancing, this is really exciting to me because NY offers a lot of opportunity and resources. I have already received a job teaching dance, connected with my previous dance teacher, enquired about acting classes, and learned about work-study opportunities at major dance schools in NYC. Additionally, I will get to be a part of Dance For Change, a great organization using dance to bring awareness to different causes. There is also great opportunity for dance ministry through my church as well.

NY is a whole different world when it comes to dance. I will 100% be a small fish in a big pond with people who are wayyyy out of my league. But there’s just something telling me to not give up, no matter what. There is no use in giving up due to fear or failure. At least if nothing happens I know that I tried. I am really looking forward to having the opportunity to put a lot more focus on dance and have access to a lot more training. I have seen a great improvement in the past 8 months, even with sporadic and interrupted training, so I’m super excited to see what happens in NY when I can put time and energy more into dance. 




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